Images from our monthly meetings of marketing professionals.

  1. Photos from Manchester 23rd Jan 20 @ WeWork - Click here to view

    Hosted by WeWork Manchester, 23rd Jan. Guest speakers: Robin Williams, Beyond NoiseNimbus Hosting & Sara Watts.


    Photo credit: Stewart Boutcher

  1. Photos from Leeds 22nd Jan 20 @ City Walk - Click here to view

    Hosted by City Walk Leeds, 22nd Jan. Guest speakers: Peter Denby, Richard Ashby, & Stewart Boutcher.


    Photo credit: John Fletcher

  1. Photos from Leeds, 30th October @ Horizon - Click here to view

    Hosted by Horizon Leeds, 30th October. Guest speakers: Greg Chabrier, Robin Williams, Nigel Bridges & Rachel Hatfield.


    Photo credit: John Fletcher

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